Court Reporting in Raleigh North Carolina

Our founding reporter, Robbie Worley, began court reporting in North Carolina in the early 1990s. As a Raleigh court reporter for over 20 years, she has participated in numerous high-profile depositions for our clients. She served for 15 years as the official reporter for the North Carolina Property Tax Commission and remains the in-house expert for Worley Reporting in depositions related to property tax appeal issues. With her experience and passion for outstanding customer service, she remains the deposition reporter of choice for many longstanding clients in the Raleigh area, and continues to enjoy the challenges of freelance court reporting.

Brad Worley | Court Reporters in Raleigh North Carolina

Our co-founder and director of operations, Brad Worley, is a second-generation small business professional. He joined the family business full-time in 2002 and created Worley Reporting in 2004 to help meet the challenges of growing demand. A graduate of the UNC School of Law and the Meredith College MBA program, he is passionate about our growing community and making sure that our clients get the services they need, day in and day out. His focus is on recruiting and engaging our roster of North Carolina court reporters to deliver top-notch service to our legal community.

Worley Reporting | Court Reporters in Raleigh North Carolina

 We are proud to be a locally-owned, family business provider of court reporting services in Raleigh, North Carolina.