Feeling big-boxed? Meet DepoSpan.

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If you’re taking an out-of-state deposition and are hesitant to engage a big-box national brand agency, we’d like to introduce you to an option you may not know about: DepoSpan.

DepoSpan is not a big-box consolidator; it is a select peer network of over 40 locally-owned court reporting agencies trusted in their respective communities for their high-quality service. Worley Reporting is proud to be the exclusive DepoSpan member agency covering Raleigh, Charlotte and the Piedmont.

Established in 1983, DepoSpan has members in 31 states and Canada, and continues to add new members regularly, increasing its network footprint as the demand for locally-sourced deposition providers flourishes.

You’ve probably noticed that large consolidators are having an outsized effect on competition in the court reporting industry. Midsize firms swallowing small ones, large firms gobbling up midsize agencies, and even large companies devouring each other are all being seen across the nation at astonishing speed and scale.


While this consolidation can help meet some demands in the litigation marketplace — chief among them a degree of structure for large insurance contracts of the type long considered controversial among both attorneys and reporting professionals — it has also, in many cases, made it harder to find high-quality local deposition services tailored to the needs of small and niche practices.

Scheduling with a trusted, vetted DepoSpan partner is a great alternative to using a national big-box whose offerings aren’t designed for your needs or to taking a chance on behalf of your client based only on a brief interaction with a salesman or website.

Being a DepoSpan partner also allows us to provide our customers with an extensive out-of-state deposition network on par with even the biggest of the big-boxes, without sacrificing the high-quality local support that your practice deserves.

Even if you’re not a regular customer of Worley Reporting (and we’d love to have you!), consider contacting us to schedule your out-of-state deposition through the DepoSpan network. We think you’ll be happy that you did!