Whether your deponent is located across the state or across the country, streaming depositions offer an easy, cost-effective alternative to the time and logistics associated with travel. We offer several solutions to help you connect and will work with you to select, test and operate the right tools you need for your next deposition.

Online Deposition Rooms

Ask for a streaming deposition from your desk via vTestify, the secure, download-free virtual deposition platform custom-designed for deposition management. Easily control the uploading, sharing, stamping, and annotation of digital exhibits, or confer with your client or opposing counsel inside a private video sidebar room, all inside your Chrome or Safari browser. Upgrade your session with video recording to access convenient in-deposition audio playback for organizing your examination. Our support team will walk you through everything you need to master the platform’s capabilities in advance of your deposition.

Traditional videoconference and select alternative streaming connections are also available upon request.

online deposition room


In-Person Deposition Rooms

We also provide in-person and videoconference hosting at deposition centers in Raleigh and Charlotte. When requesting a reporter, be sure to let us know how many people will be attending and how many hours you think you’ll need on-site, and we’ll make the arrangements. For non-videoconference depositions, room fees are waived when a transcript is ordered at the time of the deposition.

As the official Piedmont partner of DepoSpan, the national network of choice for professional, locally-owned reporting firms across the United States, we work closely with our more than 40 network partners nationwide to schedule your out-of-state deposition room with a local provider dedicated to the same high-quality standards and local expertise you expect from us here in the Tar Heel State.

Contact our office at 919-870-8070 with any questions about our online or in-person room services. We’re here to help!

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