Unlock the power of streaming video depositions to make your practice more efficient and help you deliver superior value for your clients!

We offer Budget Streams powered by Zoom for easy mobile or tablet access and one-way screen sharing.

We’re also proud to be a Preferred Court Reporting Partner of vTestify, an advanced streaming platform custom-designed for depositions that recreates the convenience of in-person interaction from the comfort and security of your office.

vTestify Streams (screenshot below) give you the power to:

  • Easily toggle to and from the integrated Exhibit Panel to customize screen view of shared exhibits and up to 14 participants.
  • Preload exhibits and keep them private until they are shared with all parties.
  • Load additional exhibits as needed during the deposition using the simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Mark and annotate exhibits in a live environment, using an intuitive dropdown interface.
  • Direct the witness to a particular portion of a document using the Share View feature.
  • Search exhibits in real time using enhanced keyword search.
  • Track a live voice-to-text stream of the deposition audio for private review during the deposition.
  • Move freely to and from multiple, lockable sidebar rooms without host intervention.
  • Request recording of witness video with time stamping. Video is only recorded upon advance request.
  • All in a cloud-based solution viewable in your existing Chrome browser, no additional downloads required!

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