North Carolina Legal Transcription | Superior Court Hearing and District Court Hearing Transcripts

North Carolina Legal Transcription

Worley Reporting offers legal transcription services for Superior Court and District Court hearings as an independent service provider not affiliated with the North Carolina Court System.

In accordance with Rule 7 of the North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure, an appealing party may desire to obtain a transcript of all or a portion of their hearing in Superior Court or District Court. Many of these hearings are recorded electronically in the Liberty Court Player (.dcr) format. You can usually obtain this audio or video record through the office of the clerk of the trial court.

If you have obtained this audio or video record from the clerk’s office for your client’s appeal and need a transcript, contact us for a free estimate.

[We are unable to accept submissions directly from party litigants.  If you are represented by an attorney, please have your attorney contact us directly to make the arrangements for preparing your transcript.  If you are a pro se litigant representing yourself and do not plan on engaging an attorney to assist you, click here for the NCAOC’s official list of alternative providers who may be able to help.]

North Carolina Legal Transcription


First, please provide us with a precise estimate of the duration of the audio content to be transcribed (or upload or mail us the file directly, and we will take care of this). It is also helpful at the outset to provide the case caption, the name of the presiding judge, the date and location of the hearing, the names and addresses of the attorneys present, and whether you would like us to provide a copy of the transcript to opposing counsel. Based on the information provided, we will provide you with a flat rate quote based on the estimated duration and difficulty of the transcription.

We will be happy to work with you in preparing a contract and notice of arrangement for production of transcript for inclusion with your notice of appeal. The contract will indicate whether or not a copy will be provided by us to opposing counsel, and it will specify which portions of the proceedings are to be transcribed, if not the entire hearing. We require full payment of the transcription fee up front before beginning work.* Online payment via PayPal is available.

*If you have previously established credit with our office through engaging us for court reporting or deposition services, you may qualify for a reduced deposit. Contact us for more details.

We prepare certified verbatim transcripts from official Liberty Court Player (.dcr) electronic recordings of Superior Court and District Court hearings in all North Carolina counties, including Mecklenburg and Wake. All transcripts are prepared with the highest attention to detail and accuracy.

Per statute, our transcriptionist will have 60 days to complete the transcript after we receive the written documentation of the transcript contract. In many cases, we can deliver the transcript in substantially less time (usually a few weeks) as part of our normal process. If you need expedited turnaround for an additional charge, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When completed, you will receive your transcript in PDF format via email and CD. We will also mail copies of the Certificate of Delivery to the parties and necessary clerks’ offices. At the proper time, you will then need to provide our office with your docket number so we may upload the transcript to the North Carolina Appellate Courts electronic filing website.


Contact us once you have contacted the clerk’s office and have the audio or video file in hand. We’ll give you instructions on how to send the file to our office and begin working with you on your price quote and delivery needs.

We look forward to working with you in preparing your North Carolina Superior Court or District Court hearing transcript from Liberty Court Player (.dcr) files.

Worley Reporting is proud to provide North Carolina legal transcription services to attorneys in Raleigh, Charlotte, and surrounding communities.

Thank you for making us your North Carolina legal transcription source.