As providers come and go, technologies change, and the practice of law reinvents itself for 21st-century client expectations, we’re proud of our enduring heritage as a locally owned and operated family business.

Our founding reporter, Robbie Worley, began her career as a freelancer in the early 1990s. After nearly ten years on her own, she was joined by her son, our president Brad Worley, a proud graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Law, who incorporated the company in 2004 and took on many of the back-office responsibilities associated with an expanding customer base.

Our commitment is to supporting the practice of law in our Carolina communities with integrity, reliability and convenience, without hype or shortcuts. That’s why we’re proud to be part of DepoSpan, the┬ánational network of choice for professional, independent reporting firms across the United States, which allows us to offer expanded service to our customers in a manner consistent with these values.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we would love to have the opportunity to assist you with your next Piedmont deposition!

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